Tips of diesel generator maintenance

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1, Battery maintenance

As for the standby power is not a daily use machine, if you do not take care of the battery maintenance, it will lead to low battery power, then the diesel generator will can not start normally.

So, it still need regular maintenance of battery even the generator is not use daily but only use as a standby power.

How to do maintenance? Keep clean of the appearance; start generator regularly; charge the battery, keep enough power of the battery; replace the battery according to the life of battery and condition, etc

(Our zhejiang genlent generator use Camel energy battery, working life is double of normal battery.)

2, Check the AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulator) to confirm if it is working regular

The control parts of generators, it is a important maintenance parts.

Check the working length of the generator whether is too long or not? Whether the wire/line/connect is too loose? Whether the AVR model can work normally?

3, Timely replace of filter(air filter, oil filter, fuel filter)

Filter do a clean of oil, fuel and water, to stop the impurities inside the generator.

The impurities is included in the the fuel always, so when the generator working, it will need fuel filter to do a cleaning. If not replace the filter timely, or the impurities of fuel will case the low cleaning ability of filter.If the filter can not work normally, the generator will stop working as the liquid can not flow smooth in tube, Such as a people can not breath. So we suggest you to replace filter 1)first replace fuel, oil, air filter after 150Hours of operation time, and replace the fuel, oil, air filter every 300Hours of operation ; 2) A standby generator need to replace fuel, oil, air filter every two years at least.

4,Cooling system need cleaning regularly

The water pump, water tank and water tube of cooling system need do cleaning regularly, if not, will lead to the un smooth flow of water, low cooling effect. If the tube connect is loose, the water tank /tube is leak, will case the malfunction of cooling system, and will lead to a bad result.  1) Generator stop working as the too high temperature of water, cased by the low cooling effect of generator; 2) Leak of water tank, case the low level of water in tank, the generator will stop working either; 3)in order to avoid the freeze of water in winter or very low temperature( low then -10C), we suggest to install a water jacket heater.

5, Do cleaning of sediment inside

Fuel system, air intake system

The power of generator output is depend on the working of fuel burning and working inside of cylinder. And when the fuel pipe inject the fuel, the burning sediment will deposited around the fuel injector, after time pass, the sediment will be more and more,

will case the un regular working of injector, can not timely inject, and uneven of injector, not stably working condition. So, please timely and regularly cleaning of fuel system.

6, Check the fuel and oil

The fuel tank always inside a clean closed room, to avoid the water of air condensed water droplets attached to the fuel tank, and flow into the fuel. The water in fuel will case the pump rusty, lead to the low intake of oil, then lead to the abnormal start of generator. The oil of generator have a effect life time, if stock too long, the effect of the oil will change, can not work as a lubrication oil, case the worse lubricate condition of generator, then will broken the parts involved.

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