Integrally Formed Canopy

Our production line is equipped with high-power laser cutting machine, CNC turret punching machine, CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine, gas shielded welding machine and other sheet metal processing equipment. The generator canopy is integrally formed to reduce the damage to the parts, and can extend the service life of our diesel generators.

High Performance Engines

Better fuel utilization and less emissions pollution.

Tri-proof Alternators

Built with high-temperature resistant copper wire, and with its exact quality control of marine generators, our generators can outstand the most extreme environment and bring you reliable power output.

Water Tank Full Protection

Prevents foreign objects and ensures operation safety.

Thermal Protection On High Temperature Area

Imported insulation material is used for effective insulation and durability.

Operating Area Protection

Protective net is added to prevent foreign objects from entering the rotating area of the fan blade and ensure safe operation.

Electricity Safety Protection

Dual protection for electrical safety (controller + circuit breaker). The controller implements 9 levels of warning protection including: low oil pressure, overload, high voltage and low voltage, high water temperature, high and low frequency, short circuit fault, low speed and overspeed, phase sequence error and pressure sensor.

Centralized Tank Drain

Pipeline discharges are centralized to protect the environment and avoid damaging nearby ecosystems.

Quiet & Undisturbed

Built-in silencer, sound-absorbing sponge inside the case, effectively reducing noise pollution.